Dinner Menu

Our Dinner Menu has all our Appetizers, Main Courses and Specials - all for your dining pleasure! We want your visit to our Restaurant to be as special as possible.

Just coming to Bryce Canyon is a spectacular event - we want to match that here for you and your guests!

Dinner Hours 5 pm to 10 pm


Beet Ravioli  ~ 12
(Stuffed with cashew butter & topped with a walnut pesto)

Grilled Artichoke ~ 10
(Served with charred citrus fruits, balsamic and hollandaise sauce)

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail ~ 13
(With sweet chili cocktail sauce & lemon wedge)

Blue Cheese Toast ~ 11
(Layered with shaved celery, sliced grapes, and lemon vinaigrette)

Soups  &  Salads

Mixed Green Salad ~ 9
(Crisp greens with candied pecans, fresh berries and feta cheese tossed with champagne vinaigrette)

Radicchio Caesar Salad ~ 10
(Made with anchovies & topped with shaved Parmesan and house made croutons)

Vegan Wedge ~ 9
(Accompanied with fried lemon slices, avocado, and miso green goddess dressing)


French Onion Soup ~ 7.5
(Made from scratch and topped with a Gruyere crostini)

Soup du Jour ~ 7.5


(All steaks served with Potato Puree, Seasonal Vegetables and choice of Sauce:
Tarragon Butter, House Made Worcestershire, or Chimichurri)


Tender Filet of Beef  ~ 38
(7 ounces ~ Our most tender steak cut from the Center of the Tenderloin)

Ribeye ~ 36
(14 ounces ~ A marbleized, juicy steak cut from the rib)

New York Strip ~ 35
(12 ounces ~ The king of steaks, cut from the center of the short loin)

Bone in Grilled Pork Chop ~ 28
(served with sharp cheddar potato fondue, charred carrots, flash fried sage and molasses vinaigrette)

 Chicken Florentine ~ 26
(Airline cut, served with wheat berry pilaf, roasted beets, and spinach mouse)

Fresh Wild Alaskan Salmon ~ 35
(Panko crusted, seared salmon, with red pickled cabbage, puffed wild rice, avocado, and orange caper vinaigrette)

Roasted Poblano Relleno
(Filled with cashew butter and topped with shaved apple, grilled avocado, and toasted seeds)




Yukon Gold Potato Puree ~ 5

Seasonal Vegetables ~ 5

Mac & Cheese ~ 8

Don't forget about our yummy desserts!

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