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Dixie & Mike - Owner's Stone Hearth Grille

Our About Us tells the story of how our restaurant idea came to fruition.

While hiking Bryce Canyon and exploring slot canyons, our family started to fantasize about the idea of living in this gorgeous country and a seed was planted. The dream of running an inn and guiding people that have never experienced this rugged red rock and narrow canyon wilderness started to grow.

It took several years to find the perfect piece of property, 80 acres actually bordering Bryce Canyon National Park. Who knew land like this even existed?  We have views of Bryce Canyon to the west with towering cliffs of red and to the east we look right into the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.   Powell Point, better known as ‘the pink mountain’ to the locals, a land mark to take your breath away.

In 2000 we opened the Stone Canyon Inn, built cottages and now have built bungalows.  We love people being able to stay with us and feel they are part of the beautiful outdoors while being pampered with outstanding accommodations.  Each of our accommodations is free standing, private and secluded.  It is common to see deer, foxes, rabbits and squirrels.  You may also hear coyotes.

The only thing missing was delicious, fresh, natural food; hence, another dream was born and the Stone Hearth Grille was created!

The Inn was built with post and beam and very high vaulted ceilings.  We have a large deck off the main room with a stream, waterfall and pond.  In the center of the main room is a beautiful stone fireplace.  It took no imagination to turn the Inn into a warm, inviting, upscale restaurant. 

We have views in all directions.  From the outdoor seating under our pergola, our guests will watch a massive pink mountain turn every shade of pink and red as the sun sets at night. The waterfall brings sounds of nature and feelings of peace.   

Our goal is to make your dinner a memorable experience.   Our staff is trained to attend to every need so each guest will feel pampered.  We have fresh, natural, hormone free beef, seafood and poultry.  Our sauces and desserts set us apart from our competitors. 

This is an exciting adventure for us!!  We look forward to being able to serve our own guests and also those in the area that are looking for a unique and wonderful dining experience. 

Mike and Dixie

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