Excellent Hospitality

by Brian & Elaine
(Hampshire, England)

We were staying at the Bryce Pioneer Village and it was they who recommended your excellent restaurant to us. They failed to tell us how smart it was so we did not dress for the occasion. We will next time!

What a lovely spot and what excellent hospitality and food.

Your staff looked amazing in their black and white service uniforms. We felt a tad out of place but you made us very welcome and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
The food was excellent and some of the best and most refined of all the restaurants we visited during our 10 day exploratory trip to Utah.

You made my wife extremely happy by providing linen napkins. You know how to spoil your guests.

Well done. Everyone who visits Bryce Canyon should add a night so that they can come and dine with you.

WE were really thrilled when Mike came and knelt by the table and told us the Rhyme of Cowboy Time. We just wished we had asked you if you had that printed so that we could take it home to England. It was a great story and so brilliantly remembered.

Our best wishes to you for a successful future. You deserve it.

Brian & Elaine

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